Talk City

Real-time Group Chat Plugin for Wordpress

Engage Your Audience

Add a chat channel to your Wordpress-based web site, enabling your readers to chat with one another, send and receive private messages, share articles and photos ... all without leaving your site!

You have access to management, moderation, and reporting tools to ensure that the chat experience brings value to both you and your readers

It's easy to set up and configure

It looks great and it works on any device, including smart phones

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TalkCity Chat Plugin


Get started with your first chat channel for free.

Easy to Install

The plugin is easy to install and manage. You'll be up and running in minutes!


You can connect your Talk City channel to a single page, multiple pages in a site, or across multiple sites to build your audience.

Fully Responsive

The plugin is built on the Bootstrap mobile-first framework, making it accessible and easy to use from any device. A full-screen mode makes it a joy to use on smart phones.

Feature Rich

Talk City chat has a wealth of user and admin features. See a brief list.


Your chat channels fit right into your page and seemlessly mesh with your site's styling. You manage the chat directly from the channel or from settings pages integrated with your Wordpress admin dashboard.


Why install a Talk City chat channel?


Host a conversation about any topic related posts on your site to bring your readers into the discussion.


Bring your team together to generate ideas or to work out a solution to a current problem you're facing.


Your customers can help one another in real time and you can have a direct real-time conversation with your customers and prospects.


Talk City Group Chat Features

  • Social Login (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
  • Allow guests or require login
  • Embed chat on pages or posts
  • Private messaging among participants
  • Users can ignore other users
  • Ban users permanently or for set time
  • Block certain words (force revision or bleep out)
  • Full-screen mode as user option (useful on phones and tablets)
  • Admins shown with "host" icon
  • Users can send pictures directly from their smartphone camera
  • Shared links show as smart excerpts
  • Hosted by Talk City
  • Mobile compatible

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